Finland says they are ready for Russia’s response to joining NATO

Finnish Minister Tuppurainen said she is not afraid of Russia's reaction to NATO membership Finland is ready for Russia's response to the country's NATO membership, it is her choice, and she is not afraid of possible threats, the minister said. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned of a response taking into account the infrastructure that the alliance will deploy in this country .jpg” alt=”Finland said they were ready for Russia's response to joining NATO” />

Finland is not afraid of threats due to its intention to join NATO and is ready for Moscow's response, Tytti Tuppurainen, Minister for European Affairs and Property Management, said on Sky News.

“We don't have any panic, we don't we are afraid. We are preparing for any kind of action. This is our choice, we should not limit ourselves to maneuvering space due to threats, — she said.

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