Ethereal – Just Sayin’ (I’m Just Sayin’), Pt. 2 (Mankind Album)

[Verse 1: Ethereal]

Ridin’ 85, bumpin’ Youngbloodz, young nigga gettin’ money since I was a young blood
Young spud wit’ the bud, hundred racks on my HUD
Never ask for the feature, most these niggas act like studs
Understandin how to show these niggas I ain’t wit’ the jive
It’s evil out here in these streets so boy look alive
Too many emcees in the weight room I ain’t wit’ the lies
Y’all totally be pillow talkin’ I ain’t wit’ the spies
At her condo burnin’ rondo, she want gonzo
Hit the lotto now she say she wanna fondle
Gettin’ bands fresh in my Atlantastan
Got a foreign bitch from hell, mane my ex was from Japan
Carl Sagan with the beats no mo’ playin’
If I touch it mane I’m goin Super Saiyan
She wanna touch me tell her "Bbygirl stop playin’"
Switching lanes I can whip it I’m just sayin

[Hook: Ethereal]
I’m just sayin’, girl I’m just sayin’ x4
I’m just sayin’, boy I’m just sayin’ x4

[Verse 2: Ethereal]
Ridin’ 85, bumpin’ ‘One Blood’ had to hit the streets and live, now the city show me love
Like Makonnen, been the man of the party for so long
In the party for so long, I could hardly hit the strong
Understandin’ now that most these niggas out here in disguise
Its evil out here in these streets, so boy look alive
Too many pretties in the city why these nigga pie
Too many spoons out in the field I can’t believe my eye
At her crib gettin’ twisted she say kiss it
At the party wit’ the iron I can’t risk it
Young Vegeta wit’ the heater burn like reefer
That .380 turn that boy to Cousin Skeeter
That compressor make me double check the meter
Hit the Jane, let my Nokia just rang
She wanna’ love me tell her "Baby girl start prayin’"
Switching lanes, I can hit it I’m just sayin’

[Hook: Ethereal]
I’m just sayin’, girl I’m just sayin’ x4
I’m just sayin’, boy I’m just sayin’ x4

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