Educational experience. Registration for the online conference has opened

Registration for EdCrunch Glocal & mdash; the largest conference on new technologies in education, which goes to the global level. In 2021, it will be held on December 7 & ndash; 8 online with local studios in Moscow, Almaty, Tel Aviv and Singapore.

Conference topic & mdash; 'Designing New Educational Experiences' (Learning experience design). Leading experts from all over the world will share best practices in the field of pedagogical design, discuss the future of education and the impact of new technologies, scientific achievements in the field of education, in order to convey original ideas and discoveries to a wide audience.

Experts on education & nbsp;

The conference program traditionally consists of 5 tracks: early childhood, school of the 21st century, digital university, corporate learning and the EdTech industry. In total, more than 300 speakers from 25 countries are expected to take part in 150 events: expert sessions, speeches, panel discussions and master classes.

Author of the world bestseller “ How to Raise a Successful Person '', Google consultant, mother of three daughters Esther Wojcicki , will advise you on how to set your child up for achievement from childhood. She calls her pedagogical approach 5C: self-confidence, self-respect, independence, cooperation, cordiality.

World renowned neuroscientist, author of Good Anxiety Wendy Suzuki will discuss how to harness the strengths of negative emotions and explain how to turn anxious feelings into productive ones. & Nbsp;

Tony Wagner Research Fellow at the Center for Educational Innovation at Harvard University strong> teaches you how to nurture a generation of innovators Nils Floor will reveal its relevance and importance to digital learning.

The CEO of the world's largest online education platform Coursera Jeff Magionkalda will bring up the skills and work of the future.

'EdCrunch Goal' help everyone in self-realization through effective training, & mdash; program director of the conference, director of the center, NUST & bdquo; MISIS & ldquo; Nurlan Kiyasov … & mdash; Conference & mdash; an attempt to reach our goal. We invite the world's best experts & mdash; from teachers and politicians to eminent researchers and developers, to convey their original ideas and discoveries to a wide audience. The questions are so important that the best ideas should not be allowed to remain within the lecture hall, classroom, or bookshelf. They need to be found and supported, they need to be shared and discussed, accepted and improved. Investors and founders, politicians and philanthropists, educators, students and anyone interested in gaining new educational experiences should be at this conference. ''

Digital Technologies in Education

As a result of the conference, participants will be able to gain practical experience in different areas and find answers to the following questions: how to choose a methodology for early development for preschoolers and not get confused in their diversity; how to tame digital technologies and turn gadgets into an accelerator of children's abilities; how EdTech companies scale their business without losing quality; how to attract investments and effectively invest them in different education systems: from preschool to continuous education. The speakers will also discuss such topics as: the potential of new technologies in education & mdash; from voice assistants to artificial intelligence; revolutionary formats of school education in the post-view era; neurobiology as the basis for maximum efficiency; educational advice from the media, entertainment, sports industry; as well as global and local trends.

For 8 years, the event has become the largest conference in Europe on new technologies in education. In 2021, EdCrunch will further expand its geography and enter the global level: online broadcasting around the world with the connection of speakers from local studios in Moscow, Almaty, Tel Aviv and Singapore. For the first time, the main face-to-face part will take place at the site in Almaty (Kazakhstan). Participation for representatives of state educational organizations traditionally remains free.

The organizers are Akimat of Almaty city, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, educational online platform “ Open School '' with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. & nbsp;

The first EdCrunch conference was held in 2014 in Moscow with the support of NUST MISIS. Headliner is Daphne Koller, founder of Coursera. The event was attended by 1,500 people. The agenda of the first conference was focused on digital technologies and new approaches in higher education. Over the next years, more and more levels of education were covered – & mdash; preschool, school, higher, corporate & mdash; and direction for startups. & nbsp;

Today the conference is held in a mixed format & mdash; face-to-face and online with online studios from several countries of the world.

Specially developed in the context of the pandemic, the interactive EdCrunch platform allows you to view sessions in parallel channels, create your own schedule, receive recommendations for relevant sessions and contacts of potentially useful participants based on information in the user profile. All participants can ask questions to speakers during and after live speeches, correspond in personal and general chats with other users, get acquainted with EdTech products and their creators at a virtual exhibition. For activity on the platform, members receive points and can earn prizes: from a Spotify subscription to a MacBook Air.


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