Drastic Solution – Infamous Bastard lyrics

You’re a great and lousy cheater,
Steal the money to the people
You instill in them the fear
Of the devil saying he’s near
You pollute minds to your advantage
To the people of all ages
You’re a lousy piece of crap
In the sewer must go back

Infamous… Infamous… Infamous…
Infamous bastard!!!

Bring the geezer (bring the geezer)
To the freezer (to the freezer)
Piss on his face (piss on his face)
Defecate on him

“Jesus loves” is what you say,
But you’re a stupid every day
“Jesus Loves Jesus Loves”,
And meanwhile you take the arse
You love Jesus but love more,
Money, alcohol end dildos store
For your dad is mandatory,
You’re a dork like Mr. Yori

Infamous… Infamous… Infamous…
Infamous bastard!!!

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