Donovan Tracey – Rootical Rap lyrics

The original hip hop
Is a conscious rap
To a pulsating beat
The original hip hop
Is a rootical rap rap rap

My mind is my galaxy
And the universe
Is I university
Traveling by wave of thoughts
I navigate
The stratosphere
Of my cranium
Thoughts planetarium
Transcending love vibration
Galactic inspiiratons
To all humanity
Of the world community
Truth, love and harmony
Is the charter
Peace is the anthem
Of I universe order


So children come to school
And learn these golden rules
Take a seat and incline your meditation
To full attention
For class is in session
Knowledge is the key
To ajar the door of wisdom
So rise and come
Let’s execute the plan
And restore the brotherhood of man
Let’s break the cycle of illiteracy
And all the shackles
Of mental slavery
Enlightenment unto liberty


This is the counsel of wisdom my friends
So heed and comprehend
In humility, humbleness and diligence
Let truth be your defense
Cultivate a mind of virtuosity
With high principles and good moralities
Be good citizens of humanity
In servitude to all communities
Always be on your best behavior
And love shall be your savior


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