Dave East – No Back And Forth

[Verse 1]
Food stamps WIC checks, and no dental plan (Ghetto)
We bagged the raw, used to let it dry with the ceiling fan
Hand in hand they watching from the roof, drop it in a can
Package is Saran wrapped, duct tape, paper fill my pants
Recollections on weapons I never purchased
That money had me thirsty, shit I need somthin’ to sip on
Straight to the point, told her I got somethin’ she could sit on
Get love out in Detroit like I’m a piston, your bitch’ gone
At Summer Jam, I told Tee Grizz he had a hit
He told me ain’t it a blessing, we really came up from shit
We wasn’t supposed to win
We was ‘posed to post in the pen
Be carefull aproaching men
44:4 shoutout to Hova (Hov)
He till got the kosher (still)
Waiting for NAS to drop, paranoia in the holster (strapped)
I come from roaches crawling
Roaches on the walls and roaches in the hall
Smoking roaches til’ im yawning off

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