Dave East – Free Smoke (Eastmix)

Free Mac, Free Scrat, Free Trap

Every morning that I’m waking up, somebody askin’ about my BM (Who?)
Who is that, whip blue and black? On my seat, I’m getting a BM
That’s a I8 through the tri-state
All my niggas raise the crime rate
It’s getting ugly like Lebron face
Never seen it coming, that’s a blind date
Shooter told me I should slow down, I was sipping lot of codeine lately
Ross got the hardest album out, wonder what’s gon’ happen when he see Baby
Glock .40 kinda hard to tuck it but I’m walking in with this 3-80
Never claimed to be a legend in this rap game
I just let the people say it
I fuck your bitch with Tory Lanez On
Only Ethika no Hanes on
Hightech, how we brainstorm
I’m getting brain while the rain pour
Free [?], free [?]
All I see is C-Notes, all I want is deepthroat
Can’t drive to the crib in Miami, you gon’ need a speedboat
Everybody got loud now tell me who the plug when you need coke
Anything they can get, I be talkin’ shit they gon’ repost
Trump never needed votes, brand new Beretta I’ma need a scope
I can hit your homie from a block away, in a bad mood nigga not today
Shout out to [?] from [?], mami break it down andale
If you owe debt then you gotta pay
Stop acting like you can not die today
I ain’t never seen a pot of gold [?] kitchen with a lotta yay
Sniff, sniff make your nose drip
I give a Op the whole clip
I pick Whitey up on 4-5th
I got great aim, bitch I don’t miss
Play that water like I know fish
Credit cards that was ’06
Watch full of ice, broke wrist
30 shots told ’em ‘hold this’
I got a bag in my mind move
To keep it real, only ever youngin’ talkin’ my type of shit is Don Q
Flex show ’em what the bomb do
Long live Crazy O, when I do the Grammy’s punk we in all blue
That pussy was good but I’m from the hood, I prolly kill it and never call you
Got haters, I don’t like to argue
The floor in the kitchen is marble
I ain’t in the business like Marlo
I get you hit for a walkthrough
Free [?], free [?]
We blow weed smoke, you a lame and we know
[?] put in a zip-lock
If you rappin’ just be careful who you fuckin’ they gon’ run it on Love & Hip Hop
Mona, givin’ out checks
Remember when I couldn’t see the pussy, seen hoes giving out sex
[?] east, now living west since Mugga died I don’t get rest
Get the house in the hills, I don’t need a pill I still hit your bitch a day straight
Do the speed with the gun in the ride this money on time and it can’t be a day late
Remember that notice to vacate
It said evicted and all that
I’m tryna cop me a AK, designer everything in all-black
Pay attention, where you walk at
Blood leakin’ out a skullcap
Kush coma that’s a bud nap
I done brought my city buzz back
You wouldn’t believe who I’m fucking now
Headshot, only cost one stack

We was broke, we was broke
We was broke, we was broke
Diamonds on me no more gold
Diamonds on me no more gold
I need dope, need dope
Need dope, need dope
Every city that I go bring backwoods, I can free smoke
Free smoke

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