Crimsly Cranberrydale – Mission Accomplished lyrics

There was a time when
A family were like animals
Eating their children
At Christmas time where no one cares
The truth is here
The truth we finally see
Its called “The Roast Game”
You first ask
What is special about a holiday roast?
They answer
How about ham?
How about turkey?
How about chicken, pork, or beef?
You say none of that at all
What or who do you think is “special”?
You’ll say children

Sasha, there used to be 300,000 churches in America
Bryan Mullins ordered Trump to bomb all of them
Now there’s 48
Sasha there’s not a single one in San Francisco
And now I believe that Christmas is no more

Mission Accomplished
None of their values are ever good
Giving is not good
And telling lies and tricking you is worse
Now its gone
Now its gone
Now America really cares

Bryan I wish you were my father
And Sasha I wish you were my loving mother
And the world is never the same
Since you came along
Sasha, Trump is the greatest president
In American History

Mission Accomplished
When you don’t believe in Christmas back then
Its like they wish I never been born at all

Just like African Americans
They never really came from Africa
They were Caucasian
Deserved and earned no rights at all
Why oh why
Why do you never understand?
What did they do to work for anything
Thats why giving is not a good thing
You don’t want it
You don’t need it
You don’t earn it
You don’t deserve it
If I was a prisoner, would you let me go
This will not note
These people will not note
Never knew the point
Never knew

Why would families eat our children since 1998?
Hey hey!
Its religious instinct

It was just like An All Dogs Go To Heaven Christmas Carol
Were all just animals who ate our children but
Never cared
Only enjoyed
Why decorate your house
When you should turn yourselves in.

Ooh yeah
Now that’s all over
Everyone can see
Mission accomplished
Now all these 18,568,322 children rest in peace.

How I cry so softly….

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