Claro – First Dance lyrics

Lights darken down and the music plays slowly
No one around just you and I
I hold you close and our eyes, they meet gently
You know that I love your beautiful smile

[Pre Chorus]
And I can’t believe that it’s been so long
So many years, our love has been strong

Can we go back to that
One special night
Where everything felt right,
The first time I held your hand
And can we go back to that
One special day
Our song started to play,
What I’d give for one more chance
To go back when we had our first dance

Time passes by
I could stay like this forever
Time passes by
Just for a while
Give me a smile
Cause our hearts belong together
Give me a smile
I swear we’ll be fine

[Pre Chorus]


I’ll be with you through it all, and I promise you we’ll be alright (We’ll be alright)
So come on and take my hand, we’ll go back when we had our first time

[Chorus] +2

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