Christopher Abayan – I Will Be Waiting lyrics

We started as friends in the net
Where we were both connected
Pool was the game that we played
And our hearts the main target

Your voice reverberate in my ears
I smile as i read your messages
As if time turns back at my teen ages
Are you the gift answer me please?


I never thought this would happen
A feeling something for the girl i have never seen
Bizarre i can’t imagine
So i’ll just keep on Whispering


I will be waiting for the sun to shine until
The day that you’ll be here with me at my side
I will be waiting for the stars to fall from the sky And wish that you’ll be with me tonight


Are you the gift from heaven?
Or will only cause me more pain
Lines that keep on bangin my brain
All I know is that you give me a life again

Repeat Refrain
Repeat Chorus (x2)

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