Bitch – Ugly God lyrics

Lyrics Ugly God – Bitch

Bitch. (x17)

No I’m not a rapper, this the first page of the chapter
B*tch I’m a disaster, bite your b*tch just like a raptor
Booty gang pastor, I’m the hash slinging slasher
Pussy bacon Escobar, plugged in like an adapter
All my music slappin’, make you dance just like a KAPA b*tch
Boy I’m broke as f*ck, 30 bands straight from FAFSA b*tch
Hoe give me some space, no I ain’t talkin’ about no NASA b*tch
Gucci head to toe, you wipe me down just like a napkin.

B*tch. (x17)

B*tch you know my handle, hump your b*tch just like a camel
B*tch I run the scandal cuz I’m lit just like a candle
I can’t trust a b*tch I’m flippin hoes just like the channels
Young ugly god play these hoes like a piano
I’m colder than your cooler, deeper then the sewer
All my niggas shooters piss me off they’ll have to do you
I brought her to my room and spread her legs just like a rumor
I f*cked her with no condom but no worries b*tch I’m neutered.

B*tchhh. (x33)
Ugly God lyrics
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