Biden supported the rapid entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO

Joe Biden, at a meeting with Jens Stoltenberg, expressed support for his efforts for the rapid entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO, taking into account the security interests of all allies. Turkey opposes their membership, negotiations are underway rapid accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO” />

At a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, US President Joe Biden expressed support for his efforts aimed at the rapid entry of Sweden and Finland into the alliance, taking into account the security interests of all allies, the White House press service reports.

The US President and the NATO Secretary General welcomed the applications of Sweden and Finland to join the North Atlantic Alliance. The conversation discussed the implications of the Russian military operation in Ukraine for transatlantic security and the importance of strengthening NATO's deterrence and defense, in addition to ensuring that the alliance is properly resourced to address a wide range of issues, from cyber security to climate change.

The meeting was also attended US Vice President Kamala Harris, and US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with Stoltenberg separately.

Biden and Stoltenberg met to prepare for the NATO summit, which will be held June 29 & 30 in Madrid. Sweden and Finland will not be able to participate in this event as — candidates for membership in the alliance, said Stoltenberg, if they did not reach an agreement with Turkey, which blocked the approval of their applications because of “support for terrorists”; from the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). Despite support for the entry of Sweden and Finland, Stoltenberg urged to take into account Turkey's concerns and solve “any problems related to security.”

According to Sabah, Ankara is demanding that Stockholm and Helsinki designate the PKK and its offshoots as terrorists, refuse to admit PKK members to parliaments, and expedite the process of extradition of “terrorists”. In addition, Turkey demanded the “immediate withdrawal” of sanctions against its military-industrial complex.

The Turkish newspaper Milliyet wrote that Biden was trying to mediate negotiations with Turkey on Finland and Sweden's NATO membership.

At the end of May, negotiations were held between the parties, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was dissatisfied with their results. “The meeting of the delegations was not at the level we expected,” — he said, calling the representatives of Sweden and Finland “dishonest and insincere”.

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Sweden and Finland applied to join NATO on May 18th. Both countries want to join the bloc on the condition that military bases and nuclear weapons are not placed on their territory. In addition to Turkey, Hungary and Croatia oppose the membership of these states.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the intention of the northern European states could aggravate “an already difficult international security environment.” According to him, the expansion of NATO at the expense of Sweden and Finland will not create an “immediate threat”; for Russia, but she will respond if the military infrastructure is expanded in these territories.

The United States assured that they were not going to increase the contingent in Finland and Sweden.

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