Andrea Cherie – Caught Up lyrics

They say love is a game
I’m the worst always played
My heart is frayed
No you’ll never know this pain

Even though you caused it
Rollin up on me like we never even started
Now I’m like in genie in a bottle with bacardi
I saw the different hoes and now you wanna act retarted

Skirt miss me with that
I’m not a second option
If you love show me get it tatted cuz I’m popping

No no no carbon copies the original exotic
They love me cuz I’m classy and I get the party rocking
Plus they love my wrist game
I can never be tamed
I’m a bad bitch and everybody knowing my name

Act like you ain’t know act up and now you replaced
Curbin all your calls cuz I don’t wanna see you face

Oh no no no
You got me caught up
Doing crazy things just cuz I thought of you
I never thought would do me dishonor
Love and leave me like I aint past the come up

You got drinking and driving until sun up
Kissing on strangers to forget the fun ah
What we did what we had all that thought of
I let you get in my head now I’m caught up

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