Amber Coffman – Kindness (City Of No Reply Album)

We’re broken boy
We took the fall
We made the ship that sailed us on
But now all our problems remain unsolved
Our voices don’t carry at all

We drew a line into the sand
And wrestled with our final feelings
They’ll all be frozen in this moment
We have no messages left to send

And this love wants not to hinder our evolution
It only wants the best for you
The best for me

We travelled time and seasons passed
And [?] stopped us in our tracks
We flew through cherries into broken glass
And lived to see the aftermath

And when they ask us
When they ask what led to this conclusion
We’ll tell them we did the best we could
Yes we did

May summer rain set you at ease
May winds of change help calm your seas
And may blue feathers fall to you from up above
And may you always know you are loved

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