Al Wordlaw – A Song For My Beloved lyrics

As the stars twinkle sweetly,
And the moon shines brilliantly,
As the snow falls majestically,
And the wind rustles softly.

This is a song for my beloved.

So too, I am immaculately woven from Thee.
As our paths did cross; fortune favoured our unity,
As Grace from above, did quicken my Soul.
As the morning rose sings your fragrant aroma,

And Your radiance- Sun, compels me to stare.
I see elegance, poise; tenderness looks,
With what heavenly Gods can I, can I you compare?

This is a song for my beloved
This is a song for my beloved

You’re loving, compassionate, selfless and strong,
With concern and empathy when ever I’m wrong.
My heart sings your graces when you are not near,
While my mind, so delighted, goes without fear.

I feel in my core that all’s welcome and right,
And the time has arrived to implore ‘the good fight’.
So pranams, on my knees, with the best I can be,
My Beloved Supreme, I am all gratitude ……. To Thee.

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