Al Wordlaw – A Proposal lyrics

This could be a sad song
It should be a happy song
Are you ready?
(This is our song)
It all depends on your answer
To my question but first hear me out,

Now we’ve been through
More good times than difficult times
That lovers go through,
I want to say (say it) oh I’ve got to say (say it)
I’ve never been loved this good,

Do you know that our lives would be better
If we lived together – Oh I

(I want to be yours) oh baby
Will you marry me?)
Will you marry me for my love?
I’m on my knee, yea
I want to be yours
(Want to be yours – Will you marry me?
To share my life with you,

I love you much more
Than any reason to love you
And I (love you naturally)
Wear this diamond ring
You’re my everything
I love you so much,

I just want you to be
My fiancé and soon be my wife,

So if you still love me
I propose my love to you,
I want to be yours
To share my life with you,

Are you ready baby? Well let’s do it
I propose my whole life to you
(Bring your heaven In my life)
I’ll keep you happy baby
Just want to be yours to share my life with you,
We made it at last
We’ve come the pass
The times of tribulations
Love is for us
Relinquish your trust
To me for everlasting,
I want to take care of you
I truly love you,
You and I were
Made for each other’s love…

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