6ix9ine – Blood Walk lyrics

Gltt, brra, brra, brra, brr, brr
Let’s bang nigga

Blood Walk (Suwoo)
They don’t really understand how the fucking blood talk
Red flag, red tux, where the motherfuckin’ blood walk
When you hear “suwoo” that’s the motherfucking blood call
100k, you can come and book a nigga for a blood walk

[Bridge: TR3YWAY]
Damo Prende motherfuckers
This is that Black Wall Street
That bad-ass motivation
That Nine Trey gangsta shit, baby
This is TR3YWAY!

[Verse 1]
I keep a red flag hanging out my backside
Only on the right side, yeah, that’s the Blood side
Yeah I’m bangin’ East Side, shoutout to the West Side
But I’m bangin’ Red-Stuy
Nigga I ran into the blood (to the blood!)
I got ran into the cuz (to the cuz!)
Get it cuz, show me love (show me love)
So we both going on
Ooh, Suwoop do y’all hear that?
When a nigga woo
Nigga whoop ass
La-di-da-di love to party
Ayo shotty start the party
Blood two-piece, 50 clip stiffy
If he silly, catch him, buck 50
Try 50, loading up the semi
Bullets to me, shot him, real glizzy
You stupid uh, blicky, ’bout to use it huh
Don’t move it uh, I’m about to lose it huh

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